Attract more Customers with Google Street View Trusted

What is Google Street View Trusted?

It’s Street View inside your business…

Google is now offering businesses like yours a new great marketing facility to show potential customers the unique qualities of your business. Google Street View Trusted is a natural extension of Street View where customers will be able to step inside your business as if they were actually there.

When potential online customers search for local businesses during their Google searches, they will be invited to virtually walk around your business using the same stunning 360 interactive technology already used by Street View. Your visitors will love being in control of a new incredible 360 degree experience that enables them connect with your business in a completely unique and engaging way.

To see for yourself, simply use the mouse and arrows on your keyboard to click on and move around the example above of a Bristol based business who have made the most of this technology.

Key Benefits:

  • No better way to show off the unique style, ambience and layout of your business
  • The imagery can be easily embedded into your website and Facebook page
  • Your 360 images can be shared with customers through email
  • Tweet a link of the 360 imagery to your followers
  • Your 360 images appear on Google search results, Google maps and your Google+ page.
  • You will receive 10-15 individual ‘Point of Interest’ photos of your choice detailing products, special indoor features, displays and the shop front.
  • I have training as a professional photographer and I am certified by Google

Please click on one of the 60 second videos below to learn more:

Why is Social Media and Search Behaviour Important?

It’s becoming increasingly more important for businesses to get onboard with Google Places as well as Google+ Local because you want to ensure that the right information about your company is displayed on your Google+ page. Having the your new Point of Interest photos and the ‘see inside’ 360 tour will show your business off at its best. Keeping on top of online reviews as well as updating your contact details will mean that you can connect with customers online and make sure your business is represented in the best possible way. Most importantly, the more information that you can give Google the better as it helps you gain increased visibility and allows you to control what information Google has to searchers.

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